Hunter Leisure is a 50 year old family enterprise, 100% Australian owned, commanding one of the most comprehensive range of leisure products available in Australia including toys, sporting goods, stationery, craft, party, and carnival covering all markets, age groups and price points.

Our dedicated production, design and manufacturing teams ensure innovative product and efficient production development processes inline with best practice product quality & safety testing, ethical sourcing & sustainable environmental practices.

Hunter Leisure’s product successes are built on our ability to identify emerging trends as well as generating and maintaining strong relationships with licensors, suppliers and buyers. Our marketing strategies and state-of-the-art distribution systems readily adapt and respond to Australian market requirements.

Hunter Leisure is the proven leisure marketing and sales specialist in Australia. With the Hunter Team you have a partner who can make your goals for Australian success a reality.

Product Quality & Safety

Safety is fundamental to the development and manufacture of all Hunter Leisure’s products.

At the earliest stages, our designers utilise information from sources including parents, psychologists, educators and other child development specialists. This background provides valuable clues as to what consumers are looking for when they purchase toys, how children learn through play and when youngsters are physically and cognitively ready for certain types of toys.

Children themselves also frequently test toys in focus or theme groups to determine durability, age-appropriateness, play patterns and marketability.

A detailed evaluation of a product’s safety is made upon completion of the very first prototype and updated as the toy nears production.

Social Responsibility

Hunter Leisure is a regular contributor throughout the year the with the Australian Toy Associations Toy Bank which provides toys & sporting goods to children & Families in need.

At Christmas time in particular, Hunter Leisure provides toys to many Melbourne based & Australian charitable organisations helping children in need to experience pleasure & joy and participation in wider community celebrations.